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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Guns and Other Weapons

What is the basic gun carried by a law enforcement officer?

Over 95% of the side arms carried by American Law Enforcement are semi-auto handguns as opposed to the revolvers. There are about four main Manufacturers to include Glock, Heckler and Koch, Smith and Wesson, Beretta, & Ruger. Several others are spread out but not as abundant. The most prevalent calibers are the 9mm, .40 cal & the .45. Each has it’s own pros and cons as to capacity and ballistics.

How are guns traditionally carried? On television we see the guns on the belt, as well as shoulder holsters?

The world of holsters is almost as complicated as the handguns themselves. They are traditionally carried strong side of the belt but have security levels from I- III with III being the highest level of retention. Shoulder holsters are generally reserved for plain clothes and specialty units such as aviation.

Do officers often carry another gun? More hidden? Like for back up. Or is that just television?

Yes, that is a very prevalent and common thing. When researching officer homicides over the last 20 years, many, many officers have been shot with their own handguns as a result of wrestling with assailants and being disarmed. And if an officer is carrying a ‘Backup’ weapon, he can transition to it if his primary weapon malfunctions…Murphy’s Law applies foremost to law enforcement.

What other weapons do law enforcement officers use, have in their cars, and carry, and when?

A majority of agencies depending on their budgets carry at least a shotgun in the car. 12 gauge pump. My agency carries Shotguns along with .223 caliber semi-auto rifles i.e Bushmaster, M-4. Some agencies carry carbines (handgun caliber fired through rifle length weapon)

How often do officers have to qualify with their weapons? And the other weapons they use?

Here in NJ we are required to requalify twice a year with at least 3 months between qualifications. This involves a handgun, shotgun, and rifle along with a stress course and low level lighting or “night firing”

What other means of defense does an officer carry?

There is a whole host of what are called less-than-lethal weapons to include PR-24s, ASP batons, bean-bag rounds, OC (Oleoresin Capsicum) Tasers. It would depend on State regulations as to what officers are allowed to carry

Thanks to Glenn Rambo--www.glennrambo.com


Blogger Susan Page Davis said...

Very informative post, Glenn! Thanks! My state police went to 50-caliber Koch & Heckler a couple of years ago.

12:06 PM  

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