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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Glenn Rambo--Newest KMIS Team Member

It’s my privilege to introduce my good friend and our newest KMIS Team Member, Glenn Rambo. He’s a nineteen year police veteran and currently a police lieutenant and emergency management coordinator for Woolwich Township in New Jersey. He’s been involved in almost every aspect of municipal police work, as well as private security. He was involved in both September 11th and Hurricane Katrina operations. He has a bachelor’s of religious education degree from Midwestern Baptist College in Pontiac, Michigan. Glenn is married with one daughter, and he lives in Southern New Jersey.

Glenn has graciously agreed to help me continue the series about cops and cop stuff for writers that I began months ago. To be honest, helping me means that I write the questions and Glenn answers, since he’s the one with all the knowledge.

Please stay tuned this coming week for his first article, Guns and Other Weapons

And now, please welcome Glenn.

Was there one point where you decided you wanted to pursue writing?

In 1991 as a young patrolman, I was suspended for not doing a minor police report. At the time I did not find this a valuable experience, but I quickly embraced the “art” of police report writing, and it just went from there. I enjoyed filling my report with details and closing any and all loopholes that a defense attorney may use. It quickly became a game and a skill.

What is your writing schedule like? How do you make the time to write when you have a job, a family, and other activities?

I have a horrible writing schedule…lol. I have just been reassigned to criminal investigations with a relatively stable work schedule, so now I try to write an hour a day. My favorite time to write is early Saturday morning. I seem to get most of my best writing done then. It’s difficult at times because I have a newborn child. I have to set my priorities.

Being a police officer, you see a lot of the bad side of things. How does this impact your writing?

It’s tough, but at the same time it allows me to write from a perspective that not very many people can. I try to write on an “every day” person’s level, meaning people the reader can relate to and root for, and have things in common with. I’ve seen a lot of bad, but I’ve also seen the best of people at the worst of times, and I like to try and bring that to light.

Writers always discuss being seat of the pants writers versus plotters. Which are you?

I’m definitely seat of the pants. I have a direction that I want to go but one of my favorite things about writing fiction is where the characters take me. The direction of my books has changed so many times without me giving it any thought, and it always seems to end up in a better place. I almost wish I had the discipline and skill to “plot” but I enjoy where my characters take me.

While you write, do you have any techniques for keeping track of your characters and what’s going on? Are you a list maker or are you able to keep it all in your head?

I use a lot of characters, and yes I must keep track of them. I simply use a yellow note pad and hand write my characters, underline them, and put some comments after that. As long as I stay consistent in my writing schedule, I generally stay fresh with who they are and where they are.

The premise of your book is interesting, as well as timely. Where did you get the idea?

I have worked with and around illegal immigrants my entire almost 20 year career (I’ll start my twentieth year in April.) I see them everyday and have dealt with them on hundreds of occasions. I was watching a news broadcast in 2006 and heard the commentator report that there are between 18-20 million illegals in the country. I thought “Well, what happens when they all get together and don’t want to follow the rules?” The book was born out of that thought.

Often writers say they grow as they write their books. How has writing changed you?

I definitely feel that I’ve matured. Not only as a writer, but as a person. I also feel I’ve grown more compassionate toward people. I’ve certainly grown as a writer and look forward to growing more every day.

What is the biggest thing you’ve learned so far in your writing journey?

Patience, Patience, Patience! You know what? I hate having to be patient. I’m still trying to develop that and try not to rush things. I am such a “I need it done yesterday” person. Writing has taught me things aren’t like that…get used to it.

Can we expect more books from you?

I hope and pray, yes! That will of course be up to my readers. I am just about done the sequel to Crossing the Line and have two other works already started. I’m looking forward to collaborating on a suspense/thriller with a new and dear friend.

Any future plans you’d like to discuss? Dreams you have for your writing?

I look forward to working with more of the writing groups such as the Greater Philadelphia Christian Fiction Writers group and my friends at KMIS. As far as dreams, I just hope and pray that God will continue to allow me to have the gift of health and the skill and desire to write.

I really look forward to helping other readers with technical and consulting questions on law enforcement, military, and emergency services.

Any closing thoughts for our Keep Me In Suspense readers?

Embrace life. I know that sounds silly but I’m seeing an awful lot of repressed and doubting people lately. Enjoy the books you read, enjoy the day you have. Support those whose writing you enjoy. I am very thankful for those at KMIS and how they have taken me under their wings and brought me on board. They are wonderful people, and I hope you continue to support them with their books and projects.

Glenn’s first book, Crossing the Line, was released in January.

US/Mexican Border. 0300hrs. The naked eye can see nothing…the trained eye, everything. Crossing the Line brings readers face-to-face with dangerous border-crossers as they cross lines and cross loyalties. In this non-stop action thriller, join a team of Border Volunteers as they fight for their lives and their country as illegal immigrants come to the US looking for a little more than just freedom. US leaders and volunteers must pull together to form the ultimate alliance for a chance of survival. As the stakes become higher, friendships bond, love blooms, and individual faiths are tested in Crossing the Line.

Check out his website: http://www.glennrambo.com/


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