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Monday, May 29, 2006

I Love Looking at the Book Section. . .

I love looking at the book section in my supermarket to see what's happening in the marketplace. With limited shelf space, they can only put a certain amount of books on the shelf and they tend to stick to what's HOT. Ten years ago, you'd find romance dominating the shelves with a couple of Kootz, King, and Grishom tucked in here and there. Not so anymore. Now, the shelves are dominated by suspense and thrillers, with a few romance titles tucked on the bottom shelf. Why? Because suspense is what's selling. Suspense is what readers want.

And suspense is coming on strong in CBA. You have Kathy Mackel, James Scott Bell, Brandilyn Collins, Colleen Coble, John Robinson, Dee Henderson, Terri Blackstock, Hannah Alexander, Clint Kelly, Bill Myers, Ted Dekker, Don Brown, Alton Gansky... and the list goes on.

So, we're here at Keep Me In Suspense to talk about the latest trends, the hottest sellers, the publishers, the writers, and what we write...suspense.

Have a question? Feel free to ask.

Have a comment. Feel free to speak up.

We want to be an interactive medium for suspense writers, whether they write thrillers, suspense, romantic suspense, mysteries, or cozys.

As most of you know by now (if you're staying on top of things) Barbour/Heartsong has dropped their suspense line to start up a mystery/cozy line for their bookclub. Less than 55,000 words, Spyglass is set to release up to 4 books every 6 weeks to club members.

Harrison House is "testing the waters" with a new suspense release and if all goes well, plans on expanding their suspense line.

RiverOak has suspended their entire fiction line for at least two years while they restructure, but they promise they will be back, stronger than ever.

Jeff Gerke has moved over to NavPress and looking for some outstanding suspense to add to their line.

Know of any other publisher actively looking for supense manuscripts? Let us know.

And stay tuned. Our contributor's list is growing and you'll soon be hearing from other authors like Kathy Mackel, Angie Hunt, and others...

As Keep Me In Suspense gets rolling, we'll be adding more authors to the blog, lists of new releases, industry news, and editors wants and needs, so stay tuned...we're just getting started.