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Wednesday, August 23, 2006


As a writer, I’m always excited when a publisher announces a new line or when a new market opens up, because we all know new markets mean new opportunities for us to see our stories in print.

As a reader, I’m just as excited about Barbour Publishing’s new cozy mystery line. Janice Thompson's trade fiction cozy, THE WEDDING CAPER, will be released in October in all your favorite retail venues to kick off this new line. In the back of the book will be a sign-up page for the new mystery book club. Starting in January, Barbour will release four cozy mysteries every six weeks in their book club for only $12.99 each cycle! You can’t beat that. Barbour is also getting ready to launch a website that will be up and running in early October where you will be able to join online. We’ll announce as soon as it is up and running.

And if you’re interested in writing for this line, Susan Downs, the editor, has said that she will once again be open to unsolicited proposals after the ACFW conference the end of September, so polish up those manuscripts! Need a little push in the right direction? Our sight is full of helpful hints, many of them geared specifically toward your cozy mystery, and we’re always open for questions left in the comments.

Remember to go stop by our contest page to check out our latest contest where one of our drawings is for a free critique.




Blogger Mary Connealy said...

As a writer with a contract for a cozy mystery, mine comes out a year from Christmas, I love this post. Writing a cozy is very different than what I've done before, very complex considering they are short light-hearted books. Lots of structure because o the need for clues sprinkled in with the red herrings. I'll get to the end of a scene, or two more scenes, and I'll think...oops if this character knows this now, he had to have overheard it earlier. So I need to put something in that suggests they were overheard but they can't KNOW it but everyone else has to know it, without messing up the POV character's obliviousness. I'm enjoying it and have some ideas for a sequel to my current book.
Look out Susan!

12:27 PM  
Blogger L. Harris said...

I too find it great fun, Mary! It is an entirely differant way of writing from say a romance, but I love the challenge. Looking foward to reading your book!



12:54 PM  
Blogger Ed J. Horton said...

It's good to hear about Barbour's upcoming website. My wife and I will look forward to hearing more about the cozy mysteries book club.

Thanks.....Ed J. Horton

9:42 AM  

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